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NATURE ONE "The Golden 20"

Koblenz/Wuppertal/Stuttgart Das Techno-Bermuda-Dreieck bei NATURE ONE 2014.Der Abstract/Butan/Lehmann Floor kombiniert die Abräumer des Jahres 2013 aus allen Kategorien. Was passiert wenn man eines der fu?hrenden deutschen Technolabels mit den zwei besten deutschen Techno-Clubs aus dem FAZE Jahrespoll 2013 fusioniert? Eine heftig dru?ckende Erfahrung. This is techno! Klaudia Gawlas, Torsten Kanzler, Eric Sneo, Sven Wittekind (live), A.Paul, Niereich vs. Hackler & Kuch, BMG (live), Kerstin Eden, Unlisted, Sutter Cane, Pierre Deutschmann, Jonathann Cast (live), Chris Hirose, Jan Hanke


As a booking agency, a label and an event series they are versatile more than ever. With this year they are attending Ruhr-in-Love 2014 eight times in a row and since its foundation in 2002 Abstract is one of the most successful techno labels in Europe. The label itself as well as the artists get votet annually under the top five of their particular category by the most important German polls. Abstract Labelnights are running very successful in the most famous clubs in Europe and Abstract artists are performing on well-known festivals. From Awakenings over NATURE ONE to RaveOnSnow. Abstract, this is techno!

abstract @ Ruhr-in-Love:

The Abstract Family is happy to welcome Dandi & Ugo back.

Back again! The likeable Italians returned back to Abstract. You already know what we are talking about, if you ever had the chance to see them performing: This is Techno! Especially their releases on Italo Business or Richie Hawtinâs label Minus caused sensation in the scene.

We are very excited to have them back on board.



New abstract Member enrich the Abstract Family

We are very happy to announce that with Sutter Cane one new Top-Act is joining our Roster.

Sutter Cane:
There can be no question of falling for the Driving Forces Recordings Label-Head, even if his last "Brood Audio" EP was called "The Fall" in the middle of this year, Sutter Cane, continues on a high level Techno route. The DJ and producer from Vienna is currently the most wanted act of the last years, especially in his home country. Since 2006 his Driving Forces project offers a brilliant platform for young talents as well as established acts and he invites international DJs like The Advent, Sven Wittekind, Marco Bailey for banging podcasts and radioshows. Right now he is sitting in his studio, filing on his next tracks. His Style is distinctive, straight and impulsive Techno with dusky elements. Exactly the right stuff fitting in the Abstract team.
Abstract welcomes you in the Team!!

Home sweet home!

Without black magic but definitely with 'Voodoo' the Techno priest from Frankfurt Sven Wittekind (Offiziell) returns back to our family. With a new LP, his fourth coup in total, one of Germanys most established Techno protagonist and Abstract founder member in 2002 follows his roots and his heart.
As a DJ as well as producer Sven Wittekind conjures since 1999 with very clear surfaces and bloodcurdling basses. The Magic of his music moves crowds and the composition of his enchantment repertoire improves since decades. Furthermore he saw the big picture and thought outside the box with industrial sounds and groovy basslines. This spell led to a Remix of DJ Rushs "Get On Up" on T:Classix, which was elected from Raveline magazine as best Remix in the year 2006.
Today the new remixed voodoo magic for international dance floors incites not only proper voodoo dolls to dance. It exists of straight Techno linked with pianos, Dubstep elements, melodies and much more facets in his famous and typical style. Without a doubt Sven Wittekind stands for evolution and development of strong, severe and drifty Techno and as a Live Act he will definitely summon the best spirits of his guild in the near future.
We are happy to say:
Welcome back Sven!


NATURE ONE 2013 - Abstract meets Butan & Lehmann

Diese Dreiecksbeziehung läuft ziemlich rund: Der Zusammenschluss aus dem Koblenzer Agenturlabel "Abstract", dem Stuttgarter Underground-Club "Lehmann" und dem mehrmals als bester Club Deutschlands ausgezeichneten "Butan" ist zügellose SpaÃ-Polygamie: Mit Unterstützung der Agentur dancefield greift das Trio auf einen Artistpool zurück, der bei NATURE ONE seinesgleichen sucht. Mit Klaudia Gawlas, Torsten Kanzler, Eric Sneo und Niereich ist dieser Clubfloor der kleine Bruder des Century Circus: Mit genauso viel Drive und Rumms - aber intimer und familiärer. Ganz gediegen-heftig, wie es in guten Club-Floors bei NATURE ONE eben so zugeht. Bis in die Puppen Techno pur!

LineUp: Klaudia Gawlas, Torsten Kanzler, Eric Sneo (live), Niereich, BMG (live), , Sven Wittekind, Dandi & Ugo, A.Paul, Frank Kvitta, Pierre Deutschmann, Kerstin Eden, Katsu Arai, Frank Sonic, Broombeck (live), Linus Quick (live), Raphael Dincsoy, Robin Hirte, Burhan K. (live), Jan Hanke

NATURE ONE "a time to shine"
Raketenbasis Pydna, Kastellaun/Hunsrück

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Ruhr-in-Love 2013 - Abstract Stage

We always await a little more - on the tenth festival of Ruhr-in-Love the Abstract-crew could blew out 20 candles at once: Ten years Abstract, ten times Ruhr-in-Love. And after last year's double doses we are even turning it up a degree in 2013: 21 artists are currently in the Abstract-roster! And we're going to let eight of them of the leash at the OlgaPark: With Klaudia Gawlas, BMG -live-, Eric Sneo, AnGy KoRe, Niereich, Linus Quick, Raphael Dincsoy and Pappenheimer are not only our newest members involved; they also represent our international spectrum. We will take care of the high class techno and you create the atmosphere!

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Abstract is changing. A classical set of the techno scene was and still is: Forward ever, backward never. True to this slogan we're pushing our sound to the next level constantly. We are looking forward to one of the currently hottest techno producer, live act and DJ from France: Jonathann Cast. Moreover Hackler & Kuch from the Netherlands joined us. Their release at Nachstrom Schallplatten, Audio Stimulation or TK Records can be found in the charts of the techno community. Furthermore we are happy to welcome Spektre from England. Their remix "Sharpness", which was produced for Roberto Capuano, caused a stir in the scene. Not only their publications at Umek's 1605 Label, Driving Forces Recordings but also the own imprint Respekt Recordings represent massive techno. Last but not least, techno legend Andreas Kraemer joined us for single gigs. The head of Construct Rhythm starts his career in 1992. Known as driving force to make techno popular in the world, he never stopped doing what he loves. Techno!
Welcome to the Abstract Family.

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